Getting projects right is what project managers, program managers and sponsor achieve from Shelton project management training and project management courses for business projects and IT projects.

Move past the theory of PMI certification into the real world of leadership, risk management, stakeholders, communications and change with Shelton project training.

As a real life PM, I’ve found that project managers, change managers, business analysts and program managers are all dealing with different sides of the same project problem be it an IT Project or a business project. Our courses (backed by hefty real life case studies, lots of war stories and heavy duty research into what works and what does) are all about helping you succeed and helping your team succeed.

~Joanne, CEO of Shelton

Shelton Signature Courses

Shelton Signature Courses

Shelton Project Courses are practical, engaging, focusing on the issues and skills you need day to day as a project manager, business analyst and change manager. Designed for the first timer to the expert, our training courses come in four sizes to suit all levels of experiences, issues and challenges:

  1. What is a Project?
    Are you new to projects? Have you been given the job of managing a project but not know where to begin? Would you like to know how to get started in 4 simple steps?
    These questions are answered and we also cover the structure for delivering a project and the roles on a project.
    Sign-up for ‘What is a Project?’ a half day, 4 hour course (and you’ll also learn exactly how we saved $20 million on a mega-project and how you can too. Call it being a hero or an angel, either way the boss will love you for it!)
  2. Fighting Project Failure
    Has a stakeholder turned into the stakeholder from hell? Are timelines beginning to slip? What do you say when the business asks for a change in project scope? How do you work out what is really going on?
    You will be able to successful master each of these questions though our hands on process and you’ll discover the 8 Factors for project success.
    Sign-up for ‘Fighting Project Failure’ a 2 day, 16 hour course (and the days of ‘what if it fails?’ will be gone.)
  3. 8 Fold Path to Project Success
    Have the hidden risks to project success been identified? Is the team high performing? What can you do as a leader on the project? How do you engage sponsors and senior stakeholders for success?
    You be able to ensure any project succeeds with this course and you will find out the secret ingredient that all successful projects have, it is not what you think.
    Sign-up for ‘8 Fold Path to Project Success’ a 2 day, 16 hour course (and the pressures of project politics will be gone.)
  4. Zen and the Art of Project Magic
    As an experienced project person, what nuances create problems for the future? Have you had other projects cause you problems and jeopardise your project? How do you ever had a executive or the C suite sit on a decision and put your project at risk?
    Learn the secrets used by successful program managers to handle these challenges and have a personal high performance coaching session to hone your performance to its peek.
    Sign-up for ‘Zen and the Art of Project Magic’ a 2 day, 16 hour course (and you will be calm as your project successfully delivers.)

As the lives of project managers, business analysts and change managers are fast paced, our training and courses comes to you to suit your bandwidth and your goals:

Traditional Classroom| Take our classroom option to meet people and get the full on ‘projects as reality’ experience in 1 x 2 day session.

Busy | Buy ‘byte’ sized options for fast, effective training where the course is conducted in 4 x 3 hours sessions.

On the move | Choose our online training option for training and courses to access courses any where, any time in 16 x one hour sessions.

One to One Coaching | Invest in this when you have a specific problem you want help with or when you want to take your project career to the next level. Personal coaching and mentoring are the fastest way to take off.  Available in sets of 6 x 45 minute sessions.

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