A Note from JA

Joanne Flinn, Creative Force at Shelton

Joanne Flinn, Creative Force at Shelton

A note from JA Flinn, Founder of the Shelton Methods

When I heard that 93% of IT failed, I disputed the statistic. As a long time project manager and consultant, it appalled me – all that wasted effort, resources, frustration and unmeasurable cynicism. A corporate executive told me that the trick was to survive major projects – ‘I hope that no major damage is done to my business.’

No winners in that world.

As a practitioner, I reseached it, discovered some interesting things about how we set-up and run projects and how projects and businesses operate. It came down to eight elements – these comprise the 8 Fold Path to Project Success that is center of the Shelton Method.

The Shelton Method is  frame that builds on project management methods like PMI or PRINCE II. Project management is necessary but not sufficient for unparalleled results.

With only 7% of projects ‘succeeding’, any project that hits this space is unparalleled.

The methods in action. Three short case studies:

  1. A single Success Healthcheck saved one business $20,000,000 (Twenty million dollars).
  2. An IT based business transformation program operating across 12 countries. The final country was running 18 months late. 22 systems comprising the entire business system needed to be converted. Other countries had experience major operational issues, some costing several million dollars to clean up. Using the approach that underlies the Shelton Method, the project team along with a senior practitioner, delivered the project in 6 months, cutting over using a regular weekend with zero operational problems. The COO and CIO called it their ‘dream implementation’.
  3. An outsourcing project – 9 months in process, where the implications of operational failure were unacceptable to the business. Once agreed, and the transition completed, the CIO making the decision and the Client Executive from Big Blue said ‘I’ve never seen anything like it – it went so well’.

Disclosure: the methods were used by a consultant in one case and by an employee in the other. More disclosure: One business was western operating in Asia while the other was Asian operating with Western Management.

If unparalleled results, or  simply a project that runs smoothly, creates less stress and allows you to get home to see the kids is your goal, then use the Shelton Methods.

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