Success and failure are highly predictable. Our research at Shelton focuses on the patterns of success and failure. Our diagnostics, the Success Healthchecks are predictive engines with refined algorithms that identify:

  • Risks that cause project failure
  • Risks that jeopardise project success
  • Potential incremental budget variations
  • Governance weaknesses
  • Results that are really being created
  • Proactive actions to ensure your goals are achieved.

Assessing quantitative factors as well as non-quantifiable factors, our dynamic, data centric diagnostics help:

  • Board Members assess governance and risks to business continuity from major projects
  • CEOs, COOs and CFOs assess capacity of project(s) to deliver to strategic vision
  • Sponsors, Steering Committees and Program Managers assess program and project configuration, risk and capacity to deliver promised value for the investment
  • Project Managers proactively assess project and phase risks to results and success
  • Project Team assess project and team dynamics that aid project performance

Case study: How to save $20 million with a Success Healthcheck Diagnostic

A major project, a big investment, multiple counties affected across Asia with a vision of transforming the business and customer service. The executives from the business and their implementation partner looked for independent verification of the project and its readiness to deliver value as the project team was tightly focused on delivery and in their closeness to the project, over look opportunities to create value and risks.

Shelton was engaged for a swift 2 week Success Healthcheck. Four countries were reviewed, executives interviewed, the project team engaged from both the client and their partner, data collected and passed through Shelton’s proprietary predictive algorithms, risks assessed and value creation opportunities identified.


  • Improved productivity by 80% in one country
  • $20 million in savings achieved in another country.

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  • Assess your project
  • License the Success Healthcheck Diagnostics for your organisation or clients
  • Become a licensed Success Healthcheck Diagnostician


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