Shelton Vision | Planet | Life | Technology | People

Shelton Vision | Planet | Life | Technology | People

Shelton’s vision is to contribute to a billion people living lives of courage, joy and freedom on a living planet. Our chosen means is to focus on how we as human use technology to better our lives and the impact that this has on us and on others. We’ve learnt that the earth is a vast interconnected set of systems – so are business projects. Our methods are science driven and include proprietary research completed at Oxford and HEC. Our persons are humans who acknowledge their spiritual dimensions.

Fundamentally, we believe that each of us have a role to play in the world around us, and that through connections, one becomes two, two becomes four, four becomes sixteen and so on till a billion live better lives.

We partner with other organizations and individuals who share a similar philosophy:

  • We are conscious creators of our world,
  • Systems are important and interconnected
  • A focus on precise observation, grace and creativity.

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