Established in 2003, Shelton Consulting provides success diagnostics for businesses. With one in 6 projects (those involving people, processes and technology) costing substantially more than expected, we help leader identify risks and opportunities for greater value and project managers with their teams take action.

It is common for larger projects and portfolios to find $20 million – $30 million of value as a result of our Success Healthcheck Processes. Smaller projects benefit too – a 18 person company found a 5% improvement in business productivity with us.

Our clients include IBM, Novartis, HP, Procter & Gamble, Bunge, AIS, NOL, UBS and Bank Julius Bär.

About Shelton This Decade  Research | Publish | Clients | Awards

About Shelton This Decade
Research | Publish | Clients | Awards

We provide diagnostic services through collaborative partnerships and licensing agreements, keynotes on projects, people and performance and training to help teams  to protect their projects from failure.

The Change Leaders globally

The Change Leaders Globally

Shelton is a founding member of the Change Leaders, a global community of practitioners, supported by Saïd Business School and HÉC Paris,  focusing on the human side of projects and change. Recent focus includes application of complexity sciences to leadership of change, the changing role of the leadership in change and scenarios of the future of work.

Our Clients Words

Our clients have described our work as…

Human in the face of harsh technology

Thoughtful dialogue, insight and intellectual rigor, creating order, you also supply the links that may be missing to create the platform from which actions can be taken.

Honest and energetic, it can be confronting for people who want to believe situations as they wish they are rather than as they really are… I loved working with you, the sessions, whilst hard work, I really enjoyed; it’s rare to have that thinking time as an executive.

Our words

We are not the marines. We are humans, who’ve funded projects, lead projects and been on the receiving end of projects. We know how to plan a project. We love to help projects succeed so when a client tells us we are unwavering, experienced, gentle but determined, thoughtful, forgiving and human, we acknowledge and say ‘yes, this is who we are’.

Project success is important. Our services include:

  • Diagnostics – the Success Healthcheck, The Yin and Yang of Project Performance and others.
  • Courses and Training – Fighting Project Failure, The 8 Fold Path to Project Success and Zen and the Art of Project Management
  • Speaking – Keynotes, One on One Coaching and Project Mentoring

Successful projects have 4 phases. What is needed to succeed differs in each phase. The questions for project success change from phase to phase.

  • Spring: Right Selection. Steve Job’s said the secret to Apple’s success was knowing which ideas to say no to. Why is this selected? What rigor do you use to select successful projects?
  • Summer: Right Insight. Einstein asked for ‘the simplification on the other side of complexity. When is simplification a must for confidence? What must be articulated for clarity?
  • Autumn: Right Harvest. Spiritual Masters teach as we sow, so do we reap. Will your project produce the harvest expected? Or is success jeopardised at a late date?
  • Winter: Right Reflection. One failure is a forgivable, two or more suggests carelessness (adapted from Oscar Wilde). Is there a systemic pattern of under performance? Where is attention required? What actions must be taken?

Contact us now to arrange a one-on-one conversation with one of our experts and discover more about how Shelton helps you succeed.

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