Projects | We reduce project failure for project managers, CEOs, CIOs and Boards of Management as good project management and change management is not enough for project success.

The business management issue:

  • Incremental BudgetOn conservatively 27.5% of project investment is wasted
    (The Success Healthcheck for IT Projects, Wiley 2010)
  • One in 6 IT projects costs 2 to 4 times what was expected
    (Harvard Business Review, Sept 2011)
  • Increasing governance accountability for risk for CEO and Boards of Management
    (UK Corporate Governance Code, SOX, ISO 38500, King III Report)

Project failure is expensive for the business and challenging for a career.

Our research at the University of Oxford found 8  elements critical to successful projects. Some are directly visible, some are not. Failing to address each element correctly leads to project failure.

Project Success: If you are a new project manager or an experienced project manager, set yourself up for success with project mentoring and one on one coaching.

Funding Success: If you are a senior executive, CIO or CEO, the one thing you need to do before you fund the project is a risk assessment of the risks to success.

Business Success: If you are a member of the Board of Management ensure you have the right governance and visibility into high risks projects.

Our flagship service, Shelton’s Success Healthcheck ™ Process works with Oxford University based research and predictive algorithms to help you:

  • Quantify what is at risk (value, investment, budget)
  • Identify risks (both quantifiable and not) that jeopardise project results and lead to incremental budget (cost over-runs) and destroy value
  • Act focused on precisely what makes the difference between project failure and project success.

Note: People-Process-Systems and IT projects have unusual risk profiles compared to other project types. The scale of funds invested makes risks to results particularly costly.

One outstanding example: a CEO now has an additional $20,000,000 he knows he would have lost, saved through a Shelton assessment.

Reduce wasted time, money and mistakes. Upfront.

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